Hawaiian Pidgin

Pidgin is a real, living language. It owes its origins to the many diverse cultures that arrived in Hawai’i. Derived mostly from English, Pidgin also incorporates true Hawaiian words and also phonetic derivatives. Pidgin is spoken to some degree by most locals in day to day life. Some true Hawaiian is also used. The bible has been translated into Pidgin and retitled ‘da Jesus book’ and is available in local stores. Below are some of the more common words you may hear and their meaning.

Ai yah : Woops

Aisus : Darn

All buss : Drunk

Akami : Intelligent

Any kine : Anything

An den : similar to “whats up”

Aole : No \ Never

Ass why : That’s why

Aurite : Alright

Boddah you : Is this bothering you

Brah \ Braddah \ Bruddah : Brother

Brok da Mout : Really tasty

Buggah : A guy

Bumbye : Eventually

Choke : Lots of

Cockroach : Steal

Da kine : the thing

Da cute : Precious \ Cute

Foa : to

Geev ‘um : Go for it

Grind : To eat

Hana hou : Again

Haole : Caucasian person

Hapa : Half

Hapai : Pregnant

Howzit : How are you?

Kay den : OK then

Like beef : Want a fight?

Lolo : Stupid \ dumb

Momona : Fat (in Hawaiian it also means ripe)

No can : I can’t

No moa : Run out \ none left

One : a

Ono : Delicious

Pau : Finished

Pau Hana : After work

Slippah : Flip flop \ plastic sandal

Try : Please