Vacation Volunteering!

Looking for something new to do on your vacation? How about donating a few hours of your time to help keep Maui beautiful and give back a little to our amazing environment?

The Pacific Whale Foundation organizes a variety of schemes that allow you to gain free entry to certain parks, get a free gift (usually a T-Shirt or a Tote bag, check with the PWF) and get to meet local experts who spend time helping you understand the environment whilst you work to improve it. Projects vary, from simple litter picks on a beach to clearing invasive species and planting native ones.  For further information call the Pacifc Whale Foundation on (808) 249-8811

The work isn’t too tough and won’t take take up much of your time, but it will help you understand Maui better and help preserve the beauty of the Island. Also make sure to check if there are any items you should bring with you, often bottled water \ snacks \ good boots may be required.